Tasmiyah Long Shirts In Pishwas Collection which is the number one of top class fashion brnads launched. Tasmiyah is a unique and famous name in fashion industry. Tasmiyah Designer Collection has become the most famous and distinguished clothing brand of Pakistan. The collection consists of uniquely designed dresses having formal pattern. Tasmiyah has a wide range of exclusively designed attires ranging form cultural to modernly designed dresses formal and semi-formals with exquisite detailing and also Bridal Dresses. They have stated their work form London and now opearting in Lahore. The whole selection just looks so amazing and perfectly pretty. They include Party Wears, Double Shirts Long Pishwas Dresses, Embroidered Pishwas Dresses, Long Pishwas Kurti, Traditional Embroidered Pishwas, Pishwas For Party Wear, Bridal Pishwas For Party Wear, Collection. The entire selection moves around the Pishwas Frock with the mixture of churidar shalwar. The color range and the shades are extraordinary and looking marvelous. Have a look blewo to the entire collection, Hope you will like. 

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