Laxmiipati was founded by Sri Goving Prasad Sarawagi, Chairman of the company. Laxmiipati founded in 1984's. After most famous this brand Now Laxmipati is a leading brand of India for Sarees under the company head “Siddhi Vinayak Knots & Prints Pvt. Ltd”This summer Laxmipati presents saree by Kavya label which is magnificent, elegant and best colorful eye-touching and vivid color combinations saree designs. Yes this is Laxmipati embroidered sari catalog 2014-2015 edition. A best wear of lovely functional and party wear Kavya 2014 Saree By Laxmipati. 
Kavya Saree Summer Collection 2014

 Laxmipati Embroidered Saree 2014 New Arrivals 
KAVYA by Laxmipati Saree Catalog 2014

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