Aamina Sheikh is a very well known and famous name. Her Nationality Pakistani American nowadays she lived in Karachi Pakistan. She have won best and first model award at Lux Style Awards -York Film Festival Award. This is summer formal wear Clothes by Heritage Ashraf Valliani productions. Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality. These beautiful dresses wear Aamina Shaikh which is taken by mostly Arab country style like casual and party wear. Fashion is about two things the Evolution and the Opposite. Theses dress girl can wear in any beautiful and most important occasion, like university and college festival, sport gala, especially for cousins wedding and for mostly night dinner with you life partner. 
Aamina Sheikh Casual Wear Dresses 2014

  Ashraf Valliani Designer Heritage Dresses Summer Collection 2014 
Heritage Urban Style Fashionable Dresses With Amina Sheikh

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